Membership Conditions

Statute of ESI

Article 6: Conditions and types of membership

1-6: Professional membership
All graduates of Entomology holding M.Sc and higher degrees shall be eligible for Professional membership of ESI.

Note 1: Current Professional members holding B.Sc degree are exception.

2-6: Dependent membership
1-2-6: All B.Sc students / graduates and M.Sc students of Entomology and related disciplines in Agriculture, Natural Resources, Medical and Veterinary whose courses are related to Entomology shall be eligible for Dependent membership.

2-2-6: Those interested in Entomology as their hobby shall be also eligible for Dependent membership provided to the ESI Board of Directors acknowledgement.

3-6: Honorary membership
Pioneer Entomologists who have played an important role in development of Entomology and assisted the ESI programs actively shall be eligible for Honorary membership.

Note 2: The Dependent and Professional membership application forms should be signed by two ESI members before submission.