In 1968, some of the agricultural entomologists founded the Entomological Society of Iran (ESI). The members of the first Board of Directors were: Dr. Gholamabbas Davachi (president), Dr. Mahmoud Shojai (1st vice president), Mr. Firooz Taghizadeh Mottaghi (2nd vice president), Dr. Morteza Esmaieli (treasurer), Mr. Abdolghafoor Mirzaiee (secretary) Dr. Mohammad Safavi (representing general entomology and related branches), Mr. Ghodratollah Farahbakhsh (representing agricultural entomology), Dr. Nezamodin Ghaffari (representing medical entomology and veterinary) and Dr. Hossein Sepasgozarian (representing pesticide sciences).

The ESI is one of the oldest scientific societies in Iran and it was founded to improve the pure and applied entomology and its related disciplines and to facilitates the exchange of information and ideas by holding scientific seminars, congresses and publishing books, journals, newsletters and proceedings and exchanging publications with the research institutes and scientific societies in and out of the country.

Election of the ESI Board of Directors is carried out once in a three years. At present, 21st period of ESI Board of Directors (2017-2020) administer the Society by holding regular meetings in the ESI secretariat located in Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (IRIPP) campus and follow up approvals, received communications ect. In addition to periodical meetings, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ESI is held once a year in September. The agenda of AGM usually includes report of the directors, presentation of financial statement and the auditor report as well as general talks on the relevant issues of the ESI.

In addition to the Board of Directors (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer), there are 3 scientist representing different main entomology branches in the managing board.

The ESI owes its establishment and scientific reputation to some of our pioneer entomologist leading by Dr. Davachi. He was the head of ESI founder group and served as its president for several periods.